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Upgrade to CFA events and activities tool

By: Jamie Devenish

Category: Community Safety, Events / Fundraising / Offers

  5.28 PM 18 August, 2015

Location: General

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Capturing and displaying brigade community engagement events and activities has now been made easier, following an upgrade to the online reporting tool.  

The reporting tool allows brigades to share their initiatives with other CFA members as well as promote the event to the community via the CFA website. It easily captures and displays the important work brigades do in their community, through brigade members entering the details of their event or initiative either in advance to assist with the promotion or as a quick report following the activity.

Tammy Garrett, Manager Community Safety in CFA’s North East Region said “brigades are regularly out there doing this fantastic work in their local community and it often doesn’t get captured or promoted anywhere. Having a simple tool where all CFA members can input the basic information about their event or activity means we can all view and share the initiatives in one spot”.

“Even the really small community initiatives that take place. If we don’t know about them it can be hard to justify the funding of fire safety publications or resources required to make them happen” Tammy said. 

The online tool can be found by logging in to brigades online and selecting the ‘Community and Risk’ tab and then clicking ‘CFA Events’ from the drop down list. It can be bookmarked to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet to be used similar to an App.

The same system is used for brigades to register for and report on their CFA Open Day

Last Updated: 18 August 2015