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Vehicle livery survey, Fire Awareness Awards, command

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 30 July, 2012

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Transforming Command:
Work is continuing on CFA's move to incorporate the philosophy of "mission command" into our doctrine.  Focus groups (a mix of senior volunteers and career staff) have been developing concepts around an operational decision-making process (which reinforces the "dynamic risk assessment process"); a revised and updated set of Operations Principles; and a set of guiding operational behaviours.  Work is also under way to establish the key steps in issuing a "leader's intent".

"Instant Suppression" The History Of The Dundas Group:
Recently I had the pleasure of attending the launch of a book detailing the history of the Dundas Group.  I think that these efforts to search out, document and publish local brigade and Group histories needs to be highly commended.  CFA forms an important part of the community.  CFA is often associated with major events - both good and bad - and we have an obligation to ensure this history is recorded and preserved.  Congratulations to the organising committee for a wonderful publication.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book or wanting further information, you can follow the link to: Read more on CFA Connect.

Vehicle Livery Survey Results:
Thank you to all of the 2037 members who participated in the vehicle livery survey which concluded in March this year.  The objective of reviewing the CFA decals / vehicle livery is primarily aimed at creating a design that further improves safety for our firefighters.  The project is also aimed at standardising a design to ensure consistency and a professional image across our fleet, for both CFA-owned and brigade-owned vehicles.  Of all responses received, 769 members (37.8%) chose design three (red and white chequers with line green borders) as their favourite. This was closely followed by design two (angled red and lime green striping), which attracted 649 votes (31.9%). Design four came in third with 460 votes (22.6%), and design one was the least popular option with only 159 votes (7.8%).  The next steps:  We also received valuable feedback on the CFA Connect page where the survey was posted. This is being carefully considered along with safety specifications.  We are finalising additional research and assessing the financial impact the final design will have.  It will be prudent to revisit the survey results in order to create a design that ticks all the right boxes.  To view designs and the full story visit CFA Connect

Fire Awareness Awards:
Every day CFA members work hard with other organisations to protect our towns, homes, families and the environment.  Much of this work goes unnoticed.  For the last 18 years CFA, MFB and DSE, have been coordinating the annual Fire Awareness Awards.  This program recognises and rewards the achievements and commitment of the members who run these initiatives.  The 2012 entries are now open.  Applications for projects that highlight fire safety, fire awareness, fire prevention, fire response and fire recovery are now open on line at: The scheme also offers grants of up to $10,000 to develop a new idea or for a project that requires that little bit of funding assistance to achieve its final goal. Categories of awards include:  Community, Education, Fire Services, Media and Communications, Government and Municipal, Design and Construction, Industry, New and Emerging Technologies.  Applications close on 2 October.

Psychological Safety:
We are all very familiar with the concepts relating to physical safety.  When we do a job, we identify the risks and we take steps to eliminate or manage the physical risks.  We can do the same with psychological safety? There are several practical things you can do to ensure your own psychological safety at an incident. Organisational Wellbeing has put together some more practical tips. Visit the CFA Connect story for more information.

"When you wish to instruct, be brief; that the mind takes in quickly what you say, learn its lesson and retain it faithfully.  Every word that is unnecessary only pours over the side if a brimming mind."

- Cicero

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