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Vehicle livery, wellbeing research, Citation for Courage

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 26 September, 2012

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Wellbeing Research:
CFA's Welfare Services provides support to members and their immediate families to deal with potentially distressing events.  This can be for both CFA related issues and individual personal issues.  CFA would like to know about your experience of Welfare Services and so we're conducting some research.  The findings of this research will be used to inform improvements to Welfare Services. They will also be used to help inform education programs that support psychological preparation for potentially distressing events.  This research feedback questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  A sample of the questionnaires has been sent to every Brigade Secretary in the state so it's likely you might already know about the Wellbeing Research.  We encourage you to complete the questionnaire online. You can also contact your local HRM or Peer Coordinator to obtain more paper copies.  If you have questions about this research, you can contact the hotline on 03 8822 8118.

The Victorian Fire Agency Handbook:
The Victorian Fire Agency Bushfire Handbook summarises the operational management structures and systems used by the fire services commissioner, State control Centre, CFA, DSE and MFB for bushfire preparedness and response in Victoria.  It reinforces agency specific procedures and common doctrine (e.g. State Command and Control Arrangements for Bushfire in Victoria).  The purpose of the handbook is to provide fire agency personnel with a convenient ready reference to the key fire agency structures and systems of work.  This handbook is targeted at Officers and Division Commanders and above, including members who have key incident management and leadership roles.  Hard copies of the Handbooks are being distributed to all personnel who attend Regional Pre Fire season Briefings.  The Bushfire Handbook is also available on the IMT Toolbox under General/IMT documents.  Thank you and "well done" to all those involved in the production of the Handbook - especially CFA's Jane Schendzielorz, Claire Johnson and Tanya Morrisson. Two other documents are also available as refernces to changes for this fire season:  The first is an A4 "glossy" 2012-13 Pre-Season Update brochure, and the second is the Members Quick Reference Guide for conducting fire safety education and liaison activities in the community.
Nar Nar Goon Earns A Chief Officer's Unit Citation For Courage:
At  recent Brigade dinner, District 8 Operations Manager Trevor Owen presented a Chief Officer's Unit Citation for Courage to five members of the Nar Nar Goon Fire Brigade.  On the 5th February 2011, crew members from Nar Nar Goon and Beaconsfield brigades were involved in a successful, but a long and arduous rescue of two members of the public who were trapped in fast flowing flood waters at Beaconsfield.  The members include Geoff Bramley, Phil Craig, Marc Jansen, Bernie Gaynor and Justin Seddon.  A Unit Citation was also earned by 19 members of Beaconsfield Brigade, but these are yet to be awarded.  In carrying out this action, these members have demonstrated significant commitment to the values and the mission of CFA.

Vehicle Livery / Striping:
Operations Officer Glenn Jennings is continuing to develop the next generation of striping for CFA vehicles including firefighting appliances.  The most popular design from a recent survey was for a red and white or red and lime green chequer, with a lime green border above and below the chequers.  For appliances, a double layer of large red and lime green chequers (similar to the design used in CFS in South Australia and Fire Rescue in NSW).  Glenn has had a number of samples of options made up and will continue to field test these options for about another month.  We are hoping to finalise these options very soon.

“The art of war has to do with the living, moral forces.  It therefore follows that it can nowhere attain the absolute and certain; there remains always a margin for the accidental, in things great and small.  Courage and self-confidence must fill the gap left by this accidental element.  The greater the courage and self-confidence the larger the margin that may be left to the accidental.  Courage and self-confidence are thus principles absolutely essential to war.  Theory must therefore lay down only such rules as allow free scope for these necessary and noblest of military virtues in all their degrees and variations.  Even in daring there is still wisdom and prudence, only they are estimated by a different standard of values.” – Carl Von Clausewitz

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