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By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 5 September, 2012

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Unregistered CFA Vehicles:
Last Tuesday, it emerged that 22 CFA owned vehicles were listed as unregistered on the VicRoads system. This occurred due to an error in our system of work.  CFA takes full responsibility for this error and views this failure very seriously.  Through our Fleet Services team, we are currently working to fix the system so it is more robust.   CFA has arranged for stand-in vehicles to replace firefighting vehicles that were identified as unregistered.  These are the usual support arrangements implemented when trucks are at the District Mechanical Office or engaged elsewhere. This has not impacted on our service delivery.  By yesterday 14 of the 15 operational vehicles involved were re-registered and back in service. The remaining firefighting vehicle will be returned to service by the end of this week.  My advice is that mechanical servicing has been maintained on all the vehicles but three - and these are located at museums or have been privately sold.
Appreciation For Home Bushfire Advice service:
A Flowerdale resident recently wrote to CFA as follows:  "Dear CFA,  I am writing to congratulate you on such a worthwhile Community Program.   On Saturday 1st September, we had Craig Lawless arrive on time and spend one hour giving us a great amount of reassurance and guidance on how best to prepare our property over the fire season.  He had a device to measure exactly how many metres our trees are away from the house which is great to know as we could only best guess as to whether they were a threat.  Craig was very professional in his manner and gave us sound practical advice - all detailed to our specific circumstances - which was the just the best information you could get.  Craig's visit has given me confidence and peace of mind. Thank you CFA."  Great work Craig and a testament to the Home Bushfire Advice Service!

Reducing psychological risk through induction
We all know that good induction processes are essential. They assist members to understand their role and help them perform their job well. Each brigade or workplace has a process for inducting new members. Amongst the standard processes and procedures, preparing a person for challenges they may encounter helps to eliminate or reduce psychological risk. You can find more information on how to apply psychological safety considerations in the CFA Connect article.

Review Of The Role Of The Group - Strengthening Local Command & Control:
Project Manager A/DCO Alan Ellis has advised that the Draft Concept Document on the Review of the Role of the Group will be circulated for consultation & discussion by the second week of September.  The document will be sent to District Operations Managers, Group Officers, DPC Chairs, Project Reference Group members and each VFBV District Council.  Consultation will occur through to November, with the final recommendations no later than 30th November 2012.  Alan is asking that each DPC make a nomination to a Reference Group that can help develop the final version of the proposal.

The Victorian Fire Awareness Awards:
These awards are a joint venture between MFB, CFA and DSE.  There are 15 main award categories from which an overall winner is awarded the RACV Insurance Award for Excellence. A $10,000 RACV Insurance Fire Innovation Grant is also available, as well as Special Incentive Grants of up to $2,000.  Apply online at:; or phone (03) 9262 8266; or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Entries close 2 October 2012.

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