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VFBV Rural Championships 2013

By: Peter Beaton

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  7.03 AM 7 April, 2013

Location: General

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Senior and Junior volunteers from all over the state have taken part in the 2013 Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) Rural  Championships at Werribee, with Napoleons/Enfield A, Springhurst B and Dunrobin/Nangeela C winning the three senior divisions, and Napoleons/Enfield A declared the junior champion team.  See below for full results.

Images of the Rural Champs taken by Blair Dellemijn here. 


Saturday 6th April 2013

Event 1:  Low Down Pump & Ladder        

A Division:     1st        Napoleons/Enfield A   14.13 seconds

                        2nd       Napoleons/Enfield B   15.92 seconds

                        3rd        Springhurst A              16.20 seconds

                        4th        Beeac A                      16.86 seconds

                        5th        Truganina A                17.42 seconds

B Division:     1st        Springhurst B              15.87 seconds

                        2nd       Truganina B                17.62 seconds

                        3rd        Chiltern A                    18.04 seconds

                        4th        Corio A                        18.28 seconds

                        5th        Dunolly A                    18.44 seconds

C Division:     1st        Dunolly B                    17.45 seconds

                        2nd       Doreen A                     18.42 seconds

                        3rd        Eldorado D                  18.82 seconds

                        4th        Elaine A                       18.93 seconds

                        5th        Miners Rest B             29.24 seconds

Event 2:  Hose & Ladder                             

A Division:     1st        Napoleons/Enfield A   14.00 seconds

                        2nd       Truganina A                14.71 seconds

                        3rd        Hurstbridge A              14.76 seconds

                        4th        Springhurst A              14.91 seconds

                        5th        Greta A                       15.13 seconds

B Division:     1st        Springhurst B              15.46 seconds

                        2nd       Truganina B                15.86 seconds

                        3rd        Corio A                        16.07 seconds

                        4th        Mandurang A              16.48 seconds

                        5th        Dunrobin/Nangeela B 16.87 seconds

C Division:     1st        Dunolly B                    16.44 seconds

                        2nd       Doreen A                     16.65 seconds

                        3rd        Miners Rest B             16.67 seconds

                        4th        Shepparton B              17.05 seconds

                        5th        Werribee A                  17.37 seconds

Event 3:  Tanker Hose Reel & Ladder                               

A Division:     1st        Napoleons/Enfield A   38.82 seconds New Record Time

                        2nd       Hurstbridge A              39.39 seconds

                        3rd        Greta A                       41.11 seconds

                        4th        Greta B                       42.27 seconds

                        5th        Napoleons/Enfield B   43.57 seconds

B Division:     1st        Dunrobin/Nangeela B 44.17 seconds

                        2nd       Strathdownie A           44.45 seconds

                        3rd        Corio A                        46.05 seconds

                        4th        Truganina B                46.14 seconds

                        5th        Mannerim A                46.58 seconds

C Division:     1st        Dunrobin/Nangeela C 46.85 seconds

                        2nd       Hurstbridge D              48.97 seconds

                        3rd        Eldorado D                  52.33 seconds

                        4th        Werribee A                  52.74 seconds

                        5th        Shepparton B              53.71 seconds

Event 4:  Tanker - Priming, Pumping & Ladder                           

A Division:     1st        Hurstbridge A              20.87 seconds

                        2nd       Hurstbridge B              22.02 seconds

                        3rd        Greta A                       22.93 seconds

                        4th        Napoleons/Enfield B   22.96 seconds

                        5th        Wallington A                23.03 seconds

B Division:     1st        Springhurst B              21.02 seconds

                        2nd       Pearcedale A              24.22 seconds

                        3rd        Mandurang A              24.23 seconds

                        4th        Dunrobin/Nangeela B 24.37 seconds

                        5th        Miners Rest A             24.58 seconds

C Division:     1st        Doreen A                     20.97 seconds

                        2nd       Swan Hill B                 24.61 seconds

                        3rd        Elaine A                       25.56 seconds

                        4th        Hurstbridge D              26.34 seconds

                        5th        Torquay B                   26.84 seconds

Event 5:  Hydrant & Tanker            

A Division:     1st        Greta A                       18.54 seconds

                        2nd       Napoleons/Enfield B   19.25 seconds

                        3rd        Napoleons/Enfield A   19.64 seconds

                        4th        Hurstbridge A              19.33 seconds

                        5th        Hurstbridge B              20.85 seconds

B Division:     1st        Springhurst B              18.84 seconds

                        2nd       Dunrobin/Nangeela B 19.85 seconds

                        3rd        Eldorado B                  24.14 seconds

                        4th        Research A                 24.55 seconds

                        5th        Corio A                        25.75 seconds

 C Division:     1st        Dunrobin/Nangeela C 23.37 seconds

                        2nd       Hurstbridge D              23.41 seconds

                        3rd        Werribee A                  23.90 seconds

                        4th        Moyhu C                     23.99 seconds

                        5th        Dunolly B                    27.74 seconds

 Event 6:  Tanker Drawing Water from Tank         

A Division:     1st        Greta B                       16.13 seconds

                        2nd       Greta A                       16.41 seconds

                        3rd        Hurstbridge A              16.50 seconds

                        4th        Truganina A                17.85 seconds

                        5th        Napoleons/Enfield B   17.93 seconds

 B Division:     1st        Strathdownie A           17.70 seconds

                        2nd       Mandurang A              18.86 seconds

                        3rd        Eldorado B                  19.07 seconds

                        4th        Miners Rest A             19.08 seconds

                        5th        Truganina B                19.62 seconds

 C Division:     1st        Dunrobin/Nangeela C 19.53 seconds

                        2nd       Werribee A                  19.54 seconds

                        3rd        Dunolly B                    20.62 seconds

                        4th        Moyhu B                     20.79 seconds

                        5th        Elaine A                       21.48 seconds


                                    1st        Napoleons/Enfield A               54 points

                                    2nd       Hurstbridge A                          42 points

                                    3rd        Greta A                                   40 points


                                    1st        Springhurst B                          64 points

                                    2nd       Dunrobin/Nangeela B             32 points

                                    3rd        Truganina B                            26 points (on a countback)


                                    1st        Dunrobin/Nangeela C             48 points

                                    2nd       Dunolly B                                40 points

                                    3rd        Doreen A                                 36 points

 HIGHEST POINTS OVERALL:        Springhurst B -  64 points

DISCIPLINE AWARD:                       Wallan Brigade

WINNERS OF THE SPRINTS:         Female Sprint:                        Sarah Hooper, Greta Brigade

                                                             Male Sprint:                 Nathan Hooper, Greta Brigade


Sunday 7th April 2013

Event 1A:  Low Down Pump & Ladder – 11-13 Years     

1st        Napoleons/Enfield A               16.96 seconds

2nd       Dunrobin/Nangeela A             18.41 seconds

3rd        Willaura A                                19.11 seconds

4th        Willaura B                                19.49 seconds

5th        Truganina A                            19.87 seconds

Event 1B:  Low Down Pump & Ladder – 11-15 Years     

1st        Mandurang A                          17.24 seconds

2nd       Truganina A                            17.53 seconds

3rd        Eldorado A                              17.56 seconds

4th        Doreen A                                 17.87 seconds

5th        Moyhu A                                 17.97 seconds

Event 2A:  Hose & Ladder – 11-13 Years                          

1st        Dunrobin/Nangeela A             21.12 seconds

2nd       Strathmerton A                       21.19 seconds

3rd        Yarrambat A                           23.65 seconds

4th        Eldorado B                              24.32 seconds

5th        Ascot A                                   24.83 seconds

Event 2B:  Hose & Ladder – 11-15 Years                          

1st        Strathdownie A                       20.31 seconds

2nd       Strathmerton A                       20.43 seconds

3rd        Greta A                                   20.54 seconds

4th        Huntly A                                  21.29 seconds

5th        Beazley’s Bridge A                  21.39 seconds

Event 4A:  Tanker – Priming, Pumping & Ladder – 11-13 Years                                   

1st        Napoleons/Enfield A               26.91 seconds

2nd       Dunrobin/Nangeela B             30.46 seconds

3rd        Eldorado A                              32.31 seconds

4th        Mannerim A                            33.38 seconds

5th        Yarrambat A                           33.86 seconds

Event 4B:  Tanker – Priming, Pumping & Ladder – 11-15 Years                                   

1st        Moyhu A                                 23.92 seconds

2nd       Miners Rest A                         24.27 seconds

3rd        Mandurang A                          24.34 seconds

4th        Doreen A                                 24.74 seconds

5th        Dunrobin/Nangeela A             25.54 seconds

Event 5A:  Hydrant & Tanker – 11-13 Years         

1st        Dunrobin/Nangeela A             28.17 seconds

2nd       Springhurst A                          29.73 seconds

3rd        Napoleons/Enfield A               29.93 seconds

4th        Strathmerton A                       29.98 seconds

5th        Eldorado A                              30.41 seconds

Event 5B:  Hydrant & Tanker – 11-15 Years         

1st        Greta A                                   25.10 seconds

2nd       Mannerim A                            25.63 seconds

3rd        Beazley’s Bridge A                  26.76 seconds

4th        Greta B                                   26.79 seconds

5th        Eldorado A                              27.77 seconds

Event 6A:  Tanker – Drawing Water from Tank – 11-13 Years   

1st        Napoleons/Enfield A               22.57 seconds

2nd       Strathmerton A                       23.81 seconds

3rd        Springhurst A                          23.99 seconds

4th        Willaura C                               24.34 seconds

5th        Ascot A                                   24.66 seconds

Event 6B:  Tanker – Drawing Water from Tank – 11-15 Years   

1st        Mandurang A                          19.10 seconds

2nd       Willaura B                                20.88 seconds

3rd        Moyhu A                                 21.21 seconds

4th        Doreen A                                 21.24 seconds

5th        Greta B                                   21.33 seconds


1st        Napoleons/Enfield A               54 points

                                    2nd       Dunrobin/Nangeela A             42 points

                                    3rd        Strathmerton A                       24 points


1st        Mandurang A                          38 points

                                    2nd       Moyhu A                                 24 points

                                    3rd        Greta A                                   22 points


 1st        Napoleons/Enfield A               54 points

                                    2nd       Dunrobin/Nangeela A             44 points

                                    3rd        Mandurang A                          38 points

Gil O’Connell Encouragement Award:                              Doreen Brigade, District 14

Stan Ross Conduct Trophy:                                               Willaura Brigade, District 16

Junior Firefighter Sprint:        

11-13 Years – Female:           Sarah Bordigde, Eldorado

11-13 Years – Male:               Jack Butler, Napoleons/Enfield

11-15 Years – Female:           Sarah Hooper, Greta

11-15 Years – Male:               Blake Devereux, Dunrobin/Nangeela

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