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Victoria Police's message of thanks

  • Rope rescue Cape Patton
  • Rope rescue Cape Patton
  • Rope rescue Cape Patton
  • Rope rescue Cape Patton
  • Rope rescue Cape Patton
  • Rope rescue Cape Patton

Inspector Peter Seel of Victoria Police has written to CFA to express his appreciation and thanks for the crucial role CFA members played at a car accident last year, contributing to its successful outcome. 

Here, Inspector Seel shares his message of thanks.

I am writing to you to express the appreciation of Victoria Police in relation to the actions of several CFA members on the 1st December 2012.

On that date a motor vehicle had driven through a railing crashing onto rocks at Cape Patton and landed 90 metres below near the water’s edge. The male driver was deceased but there was a passenger trapped inside the vehicle who was still alive. Access to the site was extremely difficult and police members who attended identified that CFA members were crucial in the successful outcome of the incident. The CFA members were able to lower their members and equipment to the crash scene and were instrumental in achieving a successful result.

The attending CFA members were as follows:

Captain David Howell

1st Lt. Colin Colman

2nd Lt. Ben Whyte

3rd Lt. Bryan Mercer


Scott Earl

Leah Beamish

Judy Mustafa

William Chow

Gavin McMaster

Can you please pass on our appreciation for the professional way in which these CFA members carried out their duties on that day, as they are a credit to your organisation.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Seel


Last Updated: 18 June 2013