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Victorian Fire Risk Register endorsed by the state

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 23 April, 2013

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Leah McCann, Team Leader, Fire Risk shares the success of her team who, on the 22 March 2013  received State endorsement of the Victoria Fire Risk Register - Bushfire. 

This is a significant piece of work from the Bushfires Royal Commission.  The VFRR is, and will continue to be a cornerstone in identifying and prioritising bushfire "at risk" communities in the State.  Our thanks go to many people involved in the project - in particular to Leah, and VFRR Support Team membersJude Kennedy, Liz Calder, Michaela Boucher, Brodie Rafferty & Gemma Arthurson. Thanks also go to the DSSRG committee and EM Community Capability Terry Hayes for the constant challenge and persistence, ensuring the VFRR was well-developed and robust to meet the needs and requirements of the state and CFA.  As Leah says, this is a massive achievement - "Job well done team!"

Community Engagement - Gippsland Style

Last weekend I attended the Gippsland Community Engagement Forum at Sale.  Over 80 attendees from throughout Gippsland attended.  On the agenda were the methods and styles of imparting our bushfire safety messages to the public.  Two stories impressed me:  Moe South spoke of the community education day where they had 73 households participating.  In the lead up to the day, the Brigade visited every one of 300 properties in their Brigade area.  The message here is the power of the "face to face" meeting and the power of the trusted local emergency services.  A second story related to the Brigade taking their truck to a street, shipping a hydrant and doing a wet drill.  The difference was that the Brigade had letter dropped the street a week earlier.  Apparently they get a good audience and when the drill is completed they then start a community education session.  Thank you to all who attended.  Special thanks also go to Gippsland Community Education CoordinatorsPeter King, Erin Bulmer and Nicole Cooper-Warneke for leading the 2 day workshop.

An ANZAC Day Reflection:

This week we commemorate ANZAC Day.  We remember those who have fought and made sacrifices for our freedom.  On ANZAC Day morn, across Victoria, in the sombre chill of a new dawn, many CFA members and other emergency services rise to support our current and returned soldiers, sailors and airmen and women.  Indeed, we can reflect on the link that our CFA shares with our defence forces.  From the earliest origins of the Australian army, in the Boer War, and in both World Wars, "volunteerism" played a large part in establishing the culture and values of our armed forces.  The original ANZACS were, in every sense of the word, volunteers.  Like CFA, many army units were drawn from youth that were associated with particular cities, suburbs and towns.  (Some were members of their local fire brigade).   Those communities continued to support their diggers by providing additional food, clothing and moral support.  Then, as now, volunteering helps to define our nation.  Volunteering was an even stronger aspect of the service by women in our years of conflict.  Many women have served gallantly in field hospitals and in humanitarian roles in all our conflicts.  Along with the Australian Defence Force, emergency services share a higher goal, that of the safety and security of our communities and our way of life.  War brings its distinctive risks.  So too, emergency service workers face inherent risks and make sacrifices on a daily basis.  We share the values of service, courage and determination in the face of adversity.  We enjoy the camaraderie that comes from working together for a common purpose.  This ANZAC Day, be thankful for the sacrifices of our service men and women, then and now.  Their deeds and our memories of them should inspire us to do greater things.".

... We are the dead.  Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields. ....."       

-  John McRae

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