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Video conferencing expansion

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By: CFA News

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  2.00 PM 14 July, 2017

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CFA members will soon be able to say goodbye to long and sometimes dangerous drives to meetings thanks to improvements in CFA's video conferencing capabilities.

The expanded system will allow staff and volunteers to take part in video meetings from dedicated CFA video conferencing rooms across the state and on CFA laptops.

By the end of this month every CFA District HQ and various meeting rooms at Burwood East HQ will have access to dedicated video conferencing equipment.

Over the past year District 24 HQ have been trialling video conferencing for team meetings so that staff based on the ski resorts at Mt Hotham and Falls Creek didn't have to make the difficult and dangerous trip to district HQ.

The trial also allowed volunteers to take part in District Planning Committee meetings remotely rather than travelling 2-3 hours each way at night.

The Volunteer Sustainability Team have been using video conferencing on a daily or weekly basis for their regional and management meetings.

Several solutions were evaluated during the trials and an independent evaluation of the market was carried out before Cisco WebEx was chosen as the preferred CFA video conferencing solution.

More information on the new system and how to get involved in training will be provided in coming weeks.

Last Updated: 17 July 2017