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Reduce risks and save time

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  11.25 AM 16 October, 2017

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Want to know how to reduce your risk of having a road accident and improve your work life balance, all from the comfort of your own home or office?

As an organisation made up of thousands of volunteers and staff spread across the state, many of us have to travel long distances to attend meetings, presentations and other events.

While this participation and engagement is vital, attending in person may not always be necessary.

Travelling long distances involves a certain amount of risk for people (and animals). For example, driving in the evening, when we might be tired, and when wildlife may be on the roads.

It can also take up a lot of unnecessary time and expense that can impact our work life balance and productivity.

An effective way to reduce these risks is to use online video conferencing tools.

CFA has recently completed installations of a fully integrated web-based online meeting system called Cisco WebEx Services, which we refer to as WebEx Video Conferencing.

Video conferencing allows you to take part in meetings from your computer (or other web-enabled device), or from meeting rooms that have had video conferencing hardware installed.

There are now video conferencing rooms in all Districts (except D09 due to space restrictions), 11 meeting rooms across the three buildings at CFA Burwood and one in the CFA Agency Cell in the State Control Centre.

Under the WebEx software licence agreement with Cisco, all CFA Professional, Technical, and Administrative (PTA) staff, Ops Support staff and operational personnel at Operations Officer level and above can request a licence to host online meetings.

You only need a licence if you are intending to host meetings - anyone, both internal and external, can easily take part in a meeting without a licence.

A maximum of 25 room-to-room connections and a thousand individual participants are allowed per meeting.

As part of the project evaluation a review will be done to measure how well the system is being used and if any expansion in the licence agreement is required.

To obtain a WebEx hosting account, you will need to log a request with the ICT Service Desk using the CFA Systems Access Form (staff only). Once set up, you will receive details on how to host a meeting and other training materials.

A guide for volunteers on how to join meetings is also available on the intranet and Brigades Online - just search for 'video conferencing'.

Last Updated: 16 October 2017