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Vols cool off in corporate box


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  4.56 PM 24 January, 2014

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Twenty CFA volunteers cooled off in an Australian Open corporate box last Saturday, after the busiest week of the fire season so far.

Delaware North Companies Australia and New Zealand opened its ‘super box’ to thank volunteers nominated by their region for their significant contribution to their brigade and community. Also enjoying the tennis were participants from Chief Officer Euan Ferguson’s eight-month Leadership Development Program.

Gruyere brigade Secretary and District 13 Peer Support Coordinator Pat Bigham had a fantastic time.

“The venue is brilliant and our hosts really turned it on for us. I’d just expected to go and watch the tennis − not be waited on hand and foot − it was unbelievable,” said Pat.

“The timing of that night was perfect. After the week we’d all had. It was really good. I was working in communications at the Woori Yallock ICC, shadowing all the incidents in District 13 so that if something was elevated we were ready to go straight away.

“I arrived not knowing anybody but by the time the two matches were over I felt like I’d known everyone for a long time. It constantly amazes me that, no matter who it is, within 10 minutes of introducing yourselves and which brigade you’re from, it feels like you’ve known them forever. Everybody really got on well.”

Wandong brigade Captain Yorin Miller also enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with CFA members outside the fireground, as well as his classmates from the Leadership Development Program.

“It was good fun catching up with everybody outside of CFA but still brought together by CFA. The Leadership Development Program is a pretty intense learning environment and it was nice to have a purely social get together,” said Yorin.

“The development program has been a real eye-opener and I’ve learned a lot about leadership. There are a lot of different styles and opinions in the room, and because we’re all in CFA and come across similar issues we can bounce issues and have a chat.”

While it was Yorin’s first time at the tennis, he took to it quickly – watching Victoria Azarenka defeat Yvonne Meusburger and world number one Rafael Nadal defeat Gael Monfils.

“They were good games and it was a shame that the score didn’t reflect how well the runner-up was playing. We got a really good view of the whole match from the super box – it’s pretty good up top. I could get used to that I reckon!”

Deputy Chief Officer Alen Slijepcevic, Acting Manager Volunteerism Tony Brown, CFA Peninsula Group Officer Sian Jepson and Chief Officer’s Leadership Development Program Coordinator Roz Long will present Delaware North Companies Australia and New Zealand with a thank you plaque tonight at Melbourne Park Tennis Centre.

Last Updated: 24 January 2014