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Volunteer ID Project

By: Michael Bourne

  11.00 AM 8 March, 2011

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Hi everyone. I joined CFA last month as Project Manager for the Volunteer ID Project.

In my first few weeks I have been reviewing the background to the project and looking at the reasons why a volunteer ID has been recommended by the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. I have also been looking at what opportunities the project may present to better support volunteers and meet other organisational needs.

After an initial discussion with a VFBV representative, we are working to set up a reference group of volunteers to help develop processes and design appropriate IDs.

I am working on a new project plan to produce IDs in the lead up to the next fire season so that volunteers who need to pass through emergency road blocks can do so without delay. Further information will be provided as the project proceeds.


Michael Bourne

Volunteer ID Project Manager

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