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Volunteer Instructors

By: Peter Cass

  5.42 PM 24 May, 2010

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Why do some volunteers spend time instructing other volunteers?

Hi, my name is Peter Cass and I’m the Brigade Training Officer at Boneo Rural Fire Brigade in Region Eight. Besides instructing in my own brigade, I do a reasonable amount of instructing in the region.

Some people think that I’m crazy to spend so much time wandering about the country-side teaching courses for the CFA, but I think that my reasons are pretty sound.

First of all I want to help other volunteers develop the skills and knowledge they need to do their job both safely and efficiently (that will also help to look after me if I happen to be working on a job with them!).

Second, it’s a great opportunity to put back something into the system. I’ve had just over twenty five years service and the friends you make and experiences you go through together are unique.

Third, I really get a kick out of seeing the enthusiasm and dedication that volunteers put into their training, and then watching them come out the other end with new skills and confidence.

If you ever get the opportunity to help out with training then give it a go. Like all volunteer jobs in the CFA the wages are tax free, but the personal and community benefits are priceless.

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