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Volunteering in their blood, footy in their hearts

  • The last family
  • Sarah speaking at Volunteer Week morning tea
  • Sarah with CFA volunteers at a Volunteer Week morning tea

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  3.34 PM 9 May, 2017

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In celebration of National Volunteer Week we are recognising a few of our outstanding volunteers who always go above and beyond for their home town.

Volunteering truly is a family affair for the Lasts.

Dad Alan, mum Rosemary, sons Cameron and Luke, daughter Sarah, grandfather Richard and uncle Rick are all members of the Powlett-Salisbury Fire Brigade.

Although it’s not often they’re fighting fires together, they all share the same passion and enjoyment that CFA and volunteering brings to their family.

Daughter Sarah was drafted to the Carlton Football Club last October and despite being currently injured loves her new career as a footy superstar.

After a bit of coaxing from her dad Alan, Sarah joined the Powlett-Salisbury Fire Brigade in 2009.

“CFA has always been a huge part of our family and something I always wanted to be involved in.

“Being a part of the brigade in a small town is a great way to connect and give back to the community.

Although Sarah now lives in Melbourne for her football career, when she visits home she happily take on the role of her dad’s “brigade side kick” helping with admin and rostering.

“Living away from home has given me perspective on how important it is to be close to family,” she said.

Alan Last has been a member of the Powlett-Salisbury Brigade since he was 18 years old, and for the last thirteen years has held the role of Treasurer.

But CFA is not the Last families only shared passion, they’re also mad footy enthusiasts.

“Our family loves footy; I even coach Sarah’s old team, the Bendigo Thunder,” Alan said.

“My son’s Cameron and Luke come down from Bendigo on the weekends to play footy down at Wedderburn too.”

As part of the National Volunteer Week festivities the Last gang, alongside 200 CFA volunteers, will march on the MCG prior to the Essendon and Geelong Country Game.

Although they’re looking forward to a day out together the match may be a little tense because the tight knit family are split between the two teams.

“I’ve been a mad Geelong supporter since I was a boy in school and Rosie and the boys are Essendon supporters so this will be a great match to be at together,” Alan said.

“We don’t get to the city much so this is a great chance to have a family day together – with a bit of healthy rivalry!”

Last Updated: 09 May 2017