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Volunteerism Strategy

By: Sharon Mifsud

Category: People

  3.18 PM 1 June, 2015

Location: District 4 News

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On 13 May 2015, CFA launched the Volunteerism Strategy which outlines CFA’s ongoing commitment to volunteerism.

It is one of five CFA strategies that underpin CFA’s strategic priorities (Service Delivery, People, Volunteerism, Asset and Finance) to position us well for the future. 

Growth in metropolitan Melbourne, population decline in many rural areas, an ageing population, increasing cultural diversity and changed work patterns will lead to both challenges and exciting opportunities ahead. Social disconnection in some communities and an increasing interest in casual volunteering are just some of the other factors that will shape volunteerism into the future.

To enable us to meet our mission within this changing environment, the Volunteerism Strategy has three priorities:

  •          Encourage and value the contribution of volunteers
  •          Maintain and enhance the role of volunteers in service delivery
  •          Strengthen the future of volunteerism and build connection with communities.

The strategy was developed in close collaboration with VFBV and CFA members. Thank you to those involved in the consultation forums and to everyone who provided input along the way.   

As we all know, a strategy is simply words if there is a lack of action that follows, and we are currently working on prioritising these actions across CFA. We look forward to working with you to achieve the priorities and initiatives outlined in the strategy.


The following people will receive a personalised letter and hard copy of the Volunteerism Strategy in the mail:

-       All brigade Captains

-       All Group Officers

-       DPC Chair

-       VFBV District Council President

The box of additional strategies delivered to your district is to provide you with printed copies to share with other staff or volunteers that you feel should have a hard copy, or to keep on hand should you receive local enquiries.


Last Updated: 02 June 2015