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Volunteers’ efforts recognised


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  2.17 PM 9 November, 2012

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Rushworth  P-12 Year 9 CFA Advance Fire Crew has been named as a finalist in the 2012 Fire Awareness Awards - Education. Volunteers from CFA Waranga Group brigades facilitate the CFA component of the program with a maximum of 16 students selected by the College via application.

The program commenced in 2001 and has become an essential part of the P-12’s Year 9 Program. Beginning in term two and running until half way through final term, students are taken through the CFA’s minimum skills by volunteers from Murchison, Rushworth, Stanhope and  Colbinabbin brigades. The Loddon Mallee Region’s Training & Development team provide documentation and support.

During the program the students are put through a series of theory and practical drills on a weekly basis.  In addition the program also provides for full day activities at the Gisborne ICC and demonstration of Fire Extinguishers by local supplier, Youngfire Services of Girgarre.  On completion of the programt he crews spend a full day at the Wangaratta Training Ground undergoing ‘live fire’ training and also undertake presentations to the Primary Schools and kinders within the local catchment.

The program is conducted by a key team of four CFA members who are joined by others as circumstances permit. The program is conducted every Wednesday between 9.00am with finish up about 1pm. In addition co-ordination of the program takes a further 4 hours a week in developing the course material and completing documentation.

It can get pretty tough towards the end of the program but there are quite a few pay offs from our point of view. What’s great is to see the kids develop over the year. They start out pretty quiet but by the end of the year they’re quite active and involved. It gets CFA within the school.

Over the years of the program all Brigades involved have obtained new members out of it. They also tend to become very strong members in the brigades they join.

Last Updated: 11 November 2012