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VSP update #1 August

By: Lex De Man

  11.00 AM 2 August, 2013

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The roll out of the Volunteer Support Program has begun and your brigade may be nominated to participate in pilot projects. Your input and experience as volunteers will be vital to the success of the program, so I encourage you to take part if your brigade is asked to participate.

The State Government launched the program as part of the volunteer support package announced in October 2010.

There are three main streams within the program -

  • Volunteer Sustainability,
  • Volunteer Development and
  • Volunteer Support.

Within each stream there are a number of separate projects, outlined below;

Volunteer sustainability stream
Our aim is to strengthen CFA's volunteer base for the future. And we're seeking to better understand the issues which affect growth and decline in brigade membership.

We will design and provide consistent means and resources to attract & recruit new members and acknowledge the role of volunteers and volunteering at CFA.

We will develop improved support tools and investigate ways to help you to engage with diverse communities, to help brigades grow and diversify their membership base and build volunteer and brigade resilience.

We will help participating brigades to trial a range of options and approaches to improve their volunteer membership structure and cater to the varied and changing nature of modern volunteering. The brigade and membership classification changes will be an important part of this pilot.

Volunteer development stream
We will ensure that training tools and processes are consistent and readily available and understood by volunteers.

There will be a strong focus on improving the wellbeing of volunteers. We will recommend solutions and improved support services to better manage psychological wellbeing in brigades.

We will also support the development of a leadership ‘toolkit' and enhance leadership development opportunities for volunteers.

Volunteer support stream
We will focus on documenting successful volunteer case studies across the state to help share volunteer initiatives and information to better assist brigades.

We will consult with members, districts, regions and Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria to scope a centralised member help desk offering consistent and up-to-date information for CFA volunteers and brigades.

We will explore the concept of ‘special interest groups' within the CFA for current and past members to develop relationships, create mentoring opportunities and expand connections within CFA.

The work of this program will ensure that we continue giving our volunteers the support they need to perform at their best. It will also inform how we structure our future support and resources to assist volunteerism.

Further information about the program is available at Brigades Online.

Should you have any questions or comments on the rollout of this important program, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best regards,
Lex de Man AFSM

Last Updated: 10 December 2015