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Warnings and Advice: Your Role

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  11.00 AM 15 July, 2014

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Giving Warnings and Advice to the community is underpinned by CFA’s mission to protect lives and property.

A core function of the Public Information Section is the management and dissemination of timely, tailored and relevant information to the community.  This information is critical in informing the community’s decision making, and supporting them to take appropriate actions to protect their own and their family’s lives. 

To help create a better understanding of how Warnings and Advice are managed and disseminated,  the CFA Information Operations project, part of Fire & Emergency Management, worked with the office of the Fire Services Commissioner, DEPI, MFB and SES to develop a members’ information video Communities Warning and Advice – Your Role which is now available.

The members’ video provides an overall understanding of our role in delivering timely, tailored and relevant information and I would urge members to view it. Details include:

  • The three levels of warning – Advice, Watch and Act and Emergency Warning.
  • How the Chief Officers SOP 9.01 gives officers and response staff the delegated responsibility to issue warnings and advice messages.
  • A reminder to properly asses the risks, understand what the facts are and what your advice to the public will be in the event you decide to issue Warnings and Advice messages.

The delivery mechanisms employed to ensure warnings and advice messages reach the target audience Correct system use such as publishing Warnings and Advice using One Source One Message (OSOM) and sending Telephone Alerts using Emergency Alert.

These videos offer a valuable tool to be included in members’ pre-season updates and brigade training. 

There is also a series of easy to understand videos which are now publicly available.  The three part series covers:
Warnings & Advice an overview for Victoria
Warnings & Advice within a bushfire/grassfire
context; and
Warnings & Advice within aHAZMAT/structure fire context  

In the lead up to the next fire season, agencies will be able to use these three public videos as an educational tool in community education sessions.

It is important to remember that everyone shares the responsibility of being prepared for emergencies, and the Warnings and Advice video series will help people by giving them an audible and visual prompt of what to expect from Warnings and Advice messages.

Last Updated: 15 July 2014