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Warrandyte CFA celebrates 75 years

  • Captain, Officers and Brigade Members, June 2013
  • Warrandyte CFA, 2013. 75 Years Serving The Local Community
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By: Renee Bisscheroux

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  10.10 PM 4 September, 2013

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Warrandyte brigade recently commemorated 75 years of service to the community.

To mark this occasion, brigade members were joined by CFA delegates and representatives from surrounding brigades at their annual dinner. CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson was a special guest and congratulated the brigade for their efforts over its 75 years of operation.

The newly-created brigade’s first test was on 13 January 1939, when extreme drought and high temperatures led to fires in Eltham spreading towards the Warrandyte township. Firefighters only had six water-carrying knapsacks to use to fight the fire, and worked together with Kangaroo Ground brigade to extinguish the flames. While eventually successful, two lives were lost and 160 properties were destroyed, including the South Warrandyte School and Hall.

The brigade’s first fire station was built in Mitchell Avenue in 1941, at a cost of 67 pounds, using stone quarried in Whipstick Gully. In 1944, the Australian Army and the Allied Works Council loaned Warrandyte brigade a Fargo, the first firefighting appliance of the brigade. A combined effort between the community and the brigade raised the funds needed to outfit the Fargo for firefighting; an approach that continues today.

With help from the community, the brigade moved stations to its current location on Harris Gully Road and expanded their collection of firefighting appliances. Today this includes essential equipment, a Tanker, a Medium Pumper, a Forward Command Vehicle and a Rapid Response Slip-On.

The brigade officially became a part of the CFA on 31 October, 1945, and two further brigades were created in the greater Warrandyte area: South Warrandyte in 1949 and North Warrandyte in 1953.

Since its inception, the brigade has served under 12 captains and its current team of 45 attend around 200 incidents each year. Even though the brigade has undergone significant change in its 75 years, it maintains a proud history of service to the community.

Warrandyte CFA would like to thank the community and surrounding brigades for their support over the years, and looks forward to continue serving in the future.

Last Updated: 06 September 2013