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Wearing honours and awards

By: Belinda Gillespie

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  5.14 PM 23 May, 2017

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In June 2014, CFA created and distributed the How to Wear Honours and Awards booklet with Brigade magazine. This booklet gave members up-to-date information about wearing Honours and Awards.

Honours and Awards help define, encourage and reinforce aspirations, ideals and standards by identifying role models. CFA recommends and gives honours and awards to recognise, celebrate and say thank you to those who have given their time to serve others and those who achieve their best for CFA and the community.

Honours and Awards fall into two broad categories; those that form part of the Australian System of Honours and Awards or their predecessors (the Imperial Honours system) and those issued by organisations or perhaps other countries.

Recipients of awards are granted insignia as a visual expression of the honour conferred on them. All medals and other insignia must be worn according to the schedules contained within the Wearing Honours and Awards booklet. The schedules include all relevant CFA Honours and Awards and those awards within the Australian System of Honours and Awards most likely to have been awarded to some CFA members. It is an important sign of respect for the honour that it is worn in accordance with the schedules.

For those members who have received more than one award there is an established order of precedence for the wearing of their awards. For members who have been awarded two or more medals that are both worn on the same side, medals may be swing mounted (hanging from a bar), or court mounted (on a rigid, colour-matched backing). Members wearing mounted medals on the uniform jacket are advised to position the medals over any jacket lapels.

To access an online version of the How to Wear Honours and Awards booklet, please visit Brigades Online (File path: Brigades Online > Brigade > Service History & Awards > About the Awards). To request a printed copy please contact CFA Honours and Awards via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 9262 8842.

Last Updated: 29 May 2017