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Welcome to 2011!

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 10 January, 2011

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Welcome to 2011! - Let' s make this a year "when everyone goes home safe!"

Stowing PPC in Vehicles:

Operations  Manager Barry Foss from the PE Dept reminds us about correct stowage of Structural PPC in our vehicles. Many CFA personnel spend considerable time in the field carrying significant quantities of clothing and equipment. Sometimes we do not spend the time to restow our Structural PPC in the bags provided. The impact of Ultra Violet Radiation on the fabrics used in our PPC is well known and can not only impact on the discolouration of the garment but the integrity and performance.  Considerable time and money has been spent on providing bags, UVR protection as well as other treatments at fire stations for this very reason. Remember to ensure that all PPC stowed in your vehicles is stowed appropriately. The CFA PPC Care and Maintenance Information Leaflet is available on the CFA Structural PPC Intranet site.

Bob MacDonald Moves On To CFA; Welcome Adam Barnett To VFBV:

VFBV CEO Andrew Ford advises that Bob McDonald has resigned from VFBV. Bob has worked over many years with VFBV and he has established strong working relationships with a very large number of CFA HQ and regional staff. Bob has started a short term assignment with CFA within the Bushfires Portfolio Management Office. We wish Bob well in his new role and look forward to continuing to work closely with him. Adam Barnett has commenced his role as VFBV Executive Officer, replacing Bob. Adam is an experienced CFA volunteer. Adam is located at VFBV office 9/24 Lakeside Drive but will spend considerable time working the regions across Victoria.

New Manager State Control Centre:

State Fire Commissioner Craig Lapsley advises that Cain Trist has been appointed the Manager of the State Control Centre for a 6 month period commencing 10 January 2011. We welcome Cain to the position and acknowledge the fine job done by DSE's Andrew Greystone and CFA's Peter Baker who performed the role over recent times.

Fire Danger Rating Signs:

By now, over 320 Fire Danger Rating signs have been issued and erected across the state. In many areas CFA volunteers have been responsible for placing and erecting these new signs. One of the tasks that CFA will be working on quickly will be to develop standard operating procedures for all brigades for updating signs so there is a consistent approach across the State. Whilst it is expected that the signs would be up-to-date by the morning to ensure currency for that particular day, there is a need to develop more rigorous protocols and advice to those brigades with the responsibility for managing the signs. In the mean time a strong "Thank You!" for your efforts so far in getting the signs in place and keeping them updated. As we all know, an out-of-date fire danger rating advisory sign is probably worse than not knowing the FDR at all.


Recent Visit To Pakenham Southern Metro Community Safety Teams:

Recently Director Community Safety Lisa Sturzenegger and I visited some of the Southern Metro Region Team at Pakenham. We were briefed on the work of the Community Safety Team, the Brigade Administrative Support Officers and Fire Safety Officers. We particularly noted the challenges of practical implementation of the Wildfire Management Overlay in development applications. It is clear that each area has many challenges. What stood out though was the positive "can-do" and progressive attitude of the staff and volunteers involved in these programs. Their professionalism and knowledge was brimming and infectious! Thank you to David Baker, Chris Wyborn, John Painter, Steve Corrigan and their talented team members. We also inspected the "Casey Road Safety Village" which incorporates a fantastic CFA children's fire safety room incorporated with the City of Casey. If you have not seen it - then it is well worth a visit!

Quote of the week:

"One of the most important talents of a general we would call that of a creative mind... originality, not conventionality, is one of the many pillars of generalship."

- J.F.C. Fuller (1936)

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