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Wellbeing Pilot Update

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  9.27 AM 3 March, 2015

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A social media training package

The Wellbeing Pilot team has developed a social media training package for all CFA members. This is to help members think about the material they post online and develop a better understanding of CFA’s social media policy. Online conversations should be considered as being similar to face-to-face conversations. Confidential information should not be posted on social media.

The first social media training package was delivered this month to a brigade with Facebook content about brigade issues.

Feedback from participants at the end of the session was positive, including the following:

  •   “I need to visit my social media pages to ensure my content is appropriate”
  •   “Always remember privacy, privacy and more privacy”
  •   “I should have less political comments on my Facebook page”
  •   “We need to discuss a social media procedure for our brigade Facebook page”
  •   “I need to be more cautious about what I post on social media”

As at 30 January 2015, Wellbeing Pilot had:

  •   97 Case Management referrals with 65 of them now completed and resolved.  32 cases are still open and in progress.
  •   119 education and awareness training referrals with 87 presented and 32 to booked in to be presented.
Last Updated: 03 March 2015