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Wellbeing training and education

By: Tanya Di Michele

Category: Health & Safety

  1.08 PM 29 July, 2014

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Wellbeing Field Officers have begun working with individual brigades across Victoria, helping them manage through mental health and relationship issues.

Six experienced Field Officers have been employed as part of the Wellbeing Pilot Program and have already received 45 referrals across all CFA regions to support brigades and their members. 

One of the ways that support is being provided is through the delivery of training and education packages on mental health and relationship management.

These packages include:

Mental Health Management

  • For Leaders – a 3 hour workshop on: stress management, mental health, having a conversation about mental health, duty of care & legal responsibilities and looking after yourself and others
  • For Members – an interactive 1 hour workshop on: personal resilience & wellbeing, 3 steps to managing mental health, looking after yourself and others

Relationship Management

  • Equal Opportunity (EO) training session –  a 2 hour training session on: duty of care & legal responsibilities, bullying, harassment, discrimination & victimisation, resolution options, support available
  • How to have a difficult conversation – develop skills to assist with the process of having conversations
  • Interpersonal relationships – develop skills to manage conflict and learn how to better manage difficult relationships

For more information or to book a session contact the wellbeing intake line on 9262 8409 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brigades can also request a Welfare Services Awareness session by contacting their local Peer Coordinator.  This session runs for about 45 minutes covering topics such as: how stress and trauma can impact on your wellbeing, ways to strengthen your resilience and support options available.

Members also have access to a number of wellbeing resources including:

For more information visit CFA Online today at


Last Updated: 29 July 2014