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Westbury scrub fire

On 16 January, Trafalgar pumper was returning from a fire call in Moe when it transferred a message to Vic Fire stating there was a column of smoke issuing from the vicinity of O'Brien's Rd/Old Sale Rd in Westbury.

With brigades paged and en-route, an immediate call was requested to make tankers five. When crews were on scene, they found the fire burning well in bush and scrub on a private property with no access to the fire. After doing a size-up of the fire, the Incident Controller called for air support.

The fire was burning fast in a south-westerly direction towards Embletons Road and crews battled hard to contain the spread of the fire on the west side. While dozers were putting in containment lines, the blaze unfortunately broke through and started spotting into dry grass paddocks. Spot fires were occurring 2 km ahead of the main fire and extra resources and strike teams were called in to battle the 166-hectare fire.

Homes and farm properties along Embletons Road were under threat and CFA alerted residents with a Watch and Act for townships of Trafalgar East, Willow Grove, Tanjil South, and Westbury. Local crews will remain on scene for some time monitoring and patrolling the area. The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.

Images Courtesy by CFA Photographer Troy Longson

Last Updated: 21 January 2014