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W.G. Group Structural Exercise

By: alan davies

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  10.51 AM 16 June, 2013

Location: District 9 News

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Sunday 26th May saw ten brigades take part in a structural based training exercise with five different check points.

The format of this exercise was to have a double rotation of crews; one crew rotated clockwise and the other, anticlockwise. This caused the crews to not only work with different appliances but also to work with different crews members.

Planned by Group Training Officer Steven Forrest and his committee; it was held at the Drouin Secondary College over five different locations.

The point that created a good deal of interest was the Traralgon Platform appliance “Bronty” as it is known. Setup in the car park, it went through its paces taking volunteers forty two metres into the air. The water was supplied by Drouin’s Pumper. A collection of bystanders who happened to be passing by also found it to be interesting.

Warragul Pumper was another information point at which, volunteers were shown how a boost point operates and a ring main is supplied and maintained with water. Warragul Captain Paul Tandberg gave crews a very informative description of the working end of a pumper.

The third information point was a demonstration of breathing apparatus where crew members could try B.A. in a smoke filled facility. The resources for this point were provided by the B.A. unit from Traralgon.

The final two points were action scenarios. An LPG cylinder had developed a leak which had ignited. The crews were required to form a five man fog attack to control the situation. The other scenario was a structure fire where the attack tanker was connected to a boost water supply and had to change from the first aid tank to the other supply of water.

Longwarry catering provided breakfast and lunch on a very successful day.

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