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What is a Duraline hose?

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  12.10 PM 12 February, 2016

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The correct name for the rubber covered hose that is commonly referred to as Duraline is extruded hose.

Extruded hose is a manmade, most likely nylon, hose-like material that is then run through an extruder where PVC is bonded through the nylon. (This is why an extruded hose needs an internal patch).

Duraline is the name of a product manufactured by Angus Fire.

There are many manufacturers of extruded hose. Currently across CFA we will find:

  •          Angus Duraline
  •          Angus Coverlite
  •          Angus Fire Chief
  •          Snap-tite
  •          Dura quell

Regardless of the manufacturer all extruded hoses, 64mm or 38mm, will be a class H (for us tested to SOP pressure regardless of class).

Remember to test for three minutes at the required pressure. Check for small bubbles on the outside of the hose when testing as this indicates a breakdown of the lining which lets water into the nylon lining.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017