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What not to do at your office Christmas Party

By: Sam Chhay

  11.00 AM 1 December, 2011

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Bob was a well liked associate at a large Scottish Bank and attended his first work Christmas party at a local pub. The night started off a little slowly so he decided to make things more exciting by quickly downing one pint...which soon turned into five. None of Bob's work colleagues ever knew him to be so lively. He asked Sarah from IT out on a date, to which she had to decline three times. Nor did his work colleagues ever know Bob to be a particularly enthusiastic dancer.

Despite the protests from others, Bob thought it would be fun to play tag with Sarah and started chasing her around the pub. He failed to catch her but did succeed in falling flat on his back, disrobing his kilt and forever reinforcing those stereotypes about what Scotsmen wore underneath them...As he was promptly shuffled into a taxi, poor Bob dropped his wallet on the pavement, but was soon to lose more when he fronted up for work the next morning....

Fortunately for Bob, this was only based on a true story (Hollywood-talk for added fiction, though the kilt part was completely true). But what this story does highlight for us is that whilst it is a tradition within many teams to see off a successful year with a party, (always wear underwear and) keep at the front of your minds that technically, these events are still considered work functions and therefore all the expected standards of behaviour and conduct apply. At the risk of sounding like a killjoy, whilst you're partying away, just be aware of your actions and don't stretch boundaries and friendships (too far) to avoid the bingles that befell our poor Bob.

On a final note, when ‘researching' and writing this entry, unsurprisingly, there was always one common denominator in these situations that encouraged ‘normally sensible folk' to take things just that little bit too far and I can assure you that it wasn't red cordial. At your upcoming parties, please enjoy yourselves, celebrate and drink responsibly - hopefully the latter will stop you from telling your manager exactly what you think of them or doing the Macarena on the boardroom table.


P.S My first CFA Christmas party's this Friday. Wish me luck. Sam.


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