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White Ribbon Day 2015

By: CFA Partnerships and Marketing

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  3.06 PM 17 November, 2015

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White Ribbon is Australia’s only national, male led campaign to end men’s violence against women.

Thirty per cent of women worldwide are affected by violence committed by an intimate partner, the most common type of violence against women.

But this is not just something that happens overseas.

Intimate partner violence is the primary cause of homelessness for women, and the leading contributor to death, disability and ill-health in Australian women aged 15-44. On average, one woman is killed per week in our country.

And, sadly, one in four children are exposed to domestic violence, now recognised as a form of child abuse. Homelessness for children resulting from domestic violence is also a significant problem.

Initiatives like White Ribbon are leading the way to build greater equality and respect.

According to, the campaign is about “recognising the positive role that men play in preventing violence against women. It fosters and encourages male leadership, based on the understanding that most men are not violent.”

White Ribbon Day was a day of profound importance for former Chief Officer Euan Ferguson, who officially stepped down as Chief on 13 November.

As a White Ribbon Ambassador, Mr Ferguson led an oath to never commit, excuse or be silent about violence against women.

Next Wednesday 25 November, new CFA Chief Officer Joe Buffone, a White Ribbon Advocate, will be swearing the new White Ribbon oath to stand up, speak out and act to prevent men's violence against women. This will be followed by a morning tea at the front steps of CFA HQ, 8 Lakeside Drive where you will be able to buy a white ribbon.

Other District and Region offices are asked to participate in this important awareness-raising exercise. Be it by ‘swearing the oath’, organizing an event or simply by spreading the message.

Large White Ribbon non-permanent removable stickers were made available for brigades to place on their trucks and show their support to the cause. If you would like to request one please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To find out other ways to support the White Ribbon movement, go to

Last Updated: 23 November 2015