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Whittlesea Diamond Valley Group Strike Team Forum

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By: Robert Bury

Category: Community Safety, People

  2.37 PM 22 October, 2017

Location: District 14 News

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On Sunday 22 October, strike team leaders, scribes and drivers from the Whittlesea Diamond Valley Group gathered together.

The idea was to bring together members of Strike Team Management to ensure they have the tools and give them confidence in the requirements of the role that they may undertake.

The topics to be covered were Strike Team Management, Mental Health, Water Management, Strike Team Development followed by a (TEWT) Tactical Exercise Without Troops.

The Day started with a briefing by the Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley
Craig stressed the most important priority was primacy of life.
Other considerations were the issuing of community warnings, protection of critical infrastructure, protection of residential properties, protection of assets that support economic financial sustainability and protection of environmental and conservation assets.

Craig advised this Summer is forecast to have above average temperatures it looks like we are in for a long Summer.

Craig reviewed the key points of Control, Command, Coordination, Consequence, Communication, Community

During the course of the day a number of Speakers reinforced the basics of Strike Team Management while answering any questions asked.

Topics covered included preparation, planning, water management, mental health self care and first aid

Speakers included

EMC Craig Lapsley
GO Lex De Man
DGO Peter Bury
DGO Adrian Marshman
DGO Andrew Hoogenraad
DGO Geoff Schmidt
FF Fiona Macken
OO Gavin Wright
OO David Maxwell
L3IC Craig Ferguson

After a healthy lunch a vibrant discussion developed amongst the group with some frank anecdotes and learnings from the wealth of knowledge in the room.

The importance and value of a good working relationship with the Scribe was discussed at length.

Thank you to Whittlesea Fire Brigade for making their Station available for this very worthwhile day.

Last Updated: 23 October 2017