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Window of opportunity to burn

By: Martha Johnson

Category: Community Safety

  2.36 PM 29 April, 2014

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Loch Sport Caravan Park became the site for approx. 4.5ha fuel reduction burn conducted by CFA and DEPI crews from Loch Sport, Stradbroke, Longford & Golden Beach.

CFA and DEPI crews came together on Monday 28th April, in Loch Sport, for a Fuel Reduction Burn. The burn was part of a joint agency program to reduce the overall fuel hazard in the area directly to the west of the caravan park between the golf course and the lake.

Preparation for the burn was completed utilising contractors engaged by the Wellington Shire. A local contractor utilising a Posi-track bobcat coupled with a Ground-shark mulching head, constructed containment lines around the burn blocks. The machine was also able to construct a control line through the middle of the large block providing crews with the ability to conduct the burn at a smaller and safer scale. Ignition on block 1 occurred around 1100hrs and continued until about 1300hrs.

The crews were able to sneak in a bit of lunch before attending to block 2 to complete the burn by about 1630hrs. DEPI Heyfield District supplied 2 slip-ons and crews, who provided added support and experience to the CFA crews conducting the burn. Overall, approximately 60-70% of the overall fuel hazard was reduced providing much needed protection to the caravan park, its visitors, and the township of Loch Sport.

Vegetation Management Officer (VMO) Chris Lewis said, “Loch Sport brigade were provided with an extremely small window of opportunity to conduct the burn with rain across the area two days before and more rain forecast the following day. Although the morning was a little damp reduction of the majority of the fuel load was accomplished. The CFA crews are to be commended on their tenacity and hard work and a big thank you goes to the DEPI crews for their assistance on the day.”

Last Updated: 29 April 2014