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Wodonga recruit campaign

By: matthew johnson

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  5.04 PM 12 July, 2013

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Border radio station 105.7 The River this week joined forces with Wodonga brigade to promote both career and volunteer firefighting.

Wodonga brigade is currently seeking new recruits. This year they've decided to use a different approach to get the message into the community. When the brigade handed over a recruitment message to Border radio station 105.7 The River to be read out on air, the morning crew Luisa and Kev jumped on board and offered their help.

"Kev asked if he could come to the fire station and try out to be a firefighter for a week," said Leading Firefighter Matt Johnson. A series of simulated firefighting challenges were set up based on the entry requirements for CFA career recruits, culminating in a shuttle run today.

During the week, Luisa and Kev spoke on air about the role of a CFA firefighter, which was aimed at recruiting both career and volunteer members. Operations Officer Chris Bigham, who's in charge of recruit career firefighters at Fiskville Training College, was on hand this week at Wodonga to support the campaign. Chris spoke on air during a live cross about career  and volunteer firefighting with CFA.

Fourth Lieutenant John Osmond, who is responsible for volunteer recruitment along with Leading Firefighter Matt Johnson and Qualified Firefighter Claire Healy, said, "Having 105.7 The River help promote our recruitment campaign has been great. We've been able to get our message out there to a wider group of people, which is fantastic."

For more images of the week check out 105.7 The River on facebook.

Photo by Andrew Schulz.

From left to right: Matt Johnson, Claire Healy, Luisa (from 105.7 The River), Gerard Peeters, Kev (105.7 The River), Operations Officer Chris Bigham, Station Officer Ian Lilley

Last Updated: 12 July 2013