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Woman falls 30m down steep embankment

By: Daryl Owen

Category: Incidents - Vehicle / Rescue / Hazmat

  11.17 AM 6 September, 2014

Location: District 13 News, General

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Firefighters helped rescue a woman who fell 30m down an embankment in Kalorama.

On Friday 5 September, Kalorama brigade was called to assist Ambulance Victoria after a woman fell around 30m down a steep embankment. Monbulk Rescue was later requested by Kalorama to respond with steep angle rope rescue equipment. 

The driver of the car is believed to have turned sharply into a side street, disabling the car in a drain, she then walked up the road a short distance and fell over the edge and down a steep, slippery grass embankemt into trees. The driver may have been suffering a medical condition which led to disorientation.

While the rope rescue crew set up, the Kalorama crew set up lighting. The collaborative and team approach to this rescue led to an efficient and safe retreival of the patient.

The patient was in an altered state of conciousness and retrieved within 30 minutes of the rope rescue crew arriving and was transported in a stable condition to hospital.

Last Updated: 08 September 2014