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Woman injured in Shepparton kitchen fire

By: CFA Media

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  11.44 AM 16 August, 2015

Location: District 22 News

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A young woman has received minor burns to her hand after a fire broke out in her kitchen while cooking last night (15 August).

CFA was called to the Bennett Street home in Shepparton around 9.15pm.

The fire was under control in less than 10 minutes but an ambulance was required to treat a young woman with burns to her hand.

Shepparton Fire Brigade firefighter Clayton Millington said the fire was caused by a pot on the stove.

“Luckily the fire damage was contained to the pot and range-hood. There was also some smoke damage to the kitchen and hallway,” he said.

“The six people home at the time did well by evacuating quickly and safely.”

CFA is reminding residents to take extra care while cooking. Cooking in the kitchen is the single largest cause of fires in the home. A fire in your kitchen can cause extensive damage and personal injury.

Kitchen and cooking safety tips:

  • Keep stove top, griller, oven, range hood and cooking area free from built up grease, dust and oil.
  • A fire extinguisher and fire blanket should be stored within easy reach but away from the cooking area.
  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Combustibles such as tea towels and paper towels must be kept away from cooking and heat sources.
  • Make sure kitchen appliances are clean and in good working order.
  • Always supervise children in the kitchen. Keep them away from the stove top and oven and keep pot handles turned in.


Last Updated: 17 August 2015