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Women in career firefighting info session

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  9.42 AM 1 February, 2016

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Women who’d like to hear more about firefighting as a career are invited to come along to an information session on Saturday 20 February at CFA’s training Bangholme training ground.

The session gives attendees the chance to hear first-hand about the role from current career firefighters, and also to receive tips and guidance on approaching the application process, which includes a range of assessments and interviews.

Chief Officer Joe Buffone said the information session was a great chance for potential applicants to get a sense of what being a firefighter was all about.

“Having a female-only session each year is about creating a friendly and supportive environment where participants can speak with some of our current firefighters about life on the job,” he said. 

“It’s a small but an important step to provide some extra support ahead of a very competitive application process.”

The session runs for two hours, with an optional third hour offered for those who would like to try a selection of ‘physical challenge’ tasks – activities modelled on real life firefighting tasks.

Mr Buffone said the practical component to the session would allow participants to come away with a better idea of which areas they needed to work on ahead of the recruitment process, which requires all participants to pass a series of benchmarks – the same for both women and men.

“It’s a big commitment, and one that requires all applicants to dedicate a lot of time to training, particularly for upper body strength,” he said. 

“Firefighting is a career path that has not traditionally been on the radar for women - but we are working to change that.”

Tegan Fisher from CFA’s Career Firefighter Recruitment team said that while the application process was competitive, the benefits of the job were more than worthwhile.

“It’s not just about fighting fires or emergency, we’re looking for well-rounded people,” she said.  

“A lot of our firefighters are surprised once they get into the job by not only the day-to-day variety but the options and career pathways that open up to them.”

“The work-life balance is excellent, not to mention the sense of satisfaction and reward you get from helping and working together with the community.”

Bookings for the session are essential. Visit:

Please note that a general information session scheduled for 25 February in Keilor (Melbourne) is now fully booked. Monitor the website for further sessions for both women and men scheduled for regional areas. 

Last Updated: 01 February 2016