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Wonthaggi Annual Dinner

  • Brigade Life Membership given
  • Fire Fighter of the year award
  • Members receiving service awards
  • National Medal Recipients.
  • Brigade & Aux Life Members
  • Don Peacock receiving 40yrs medal
  • FF Bree Bramfit/Captains Award

By: Jamie Moresco

Category: Honours & Awards

  9.43 AM 19 July, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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National Medals, life membership and service awards!

Wonthaggi brigade put on a fabulous night at the Wonthaggi Workmens club for its annual dinner/awards night.

5-year certificate recipients

F/F Breeanna Bramfit

F/F Graham Patterson

F/F Kathryn Sloan

F/F Ryan Stebbing

F/F Gary Wilson

15-year Medals

F/F Ty Donohue

F/F Peter Walters

F/F Geoff Oakley

20-year Medal

Lt Jamie Moresco

25-year Medals

F/F Bill Barbour

F/F Damien O'Connor

40-year Medal

B/M Don Peacock

Life Membership

F/F Andrew Dell

National Medals

Captain Kim O'Connor

Lt Paul Kennedy

Lt Jamie Moresco

F/F Bill Barbour

F/F Russell Edgell

Firefighter of the Year

F/F Damien O'Connor

Noel McCormick Captains Award

F/F Breeanna Bramfit

The Noel McCormick Award is an annual award in memory of Captain Noel McCormick. Some of Noel's qualities were: determination (stubborn), a contributor, community minded, stuck to goals, spoke his mind.

The brigade has 50 active members and as you can see some have been around for a while. The brigade is looking forward to moving to its new station at the end of this year. A separate story will be posted for this new adventure we're about to take.

Last Updated: 19 July 2013