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Woodend brigade's rooftop rescue

By: CFA Media

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  2.34 PM 11 October, 2016

Location: District 2 News

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Yesterday afternoon (10 October) the Woodend Fire Brigade received a rescue call out to Crows Road. 

An elderly man had been cleaning his chimney when he was hit by a strong gust of wind which resulted in him slipping and falling. The man incurred injuries to his leg and foot which made it extremely difficult for him to move.

Unable to get himself down, CFA was required to come to the rescue.

When the brigade arrived it was decided the best way to get him down was to strap him onto a board and carefully lower him onto a waiting stretcher.

Once he was safely lowered to the ground, Ambulance Victoria took the reins and transported him to Kyneton hospital for a check-up.

Brigade 1st Lieutenant Mike Dornau, who was on the scene, said it’s important for people to be very careful when working on a roof, especially the elderly.

“All it takes is one gust of wind or one wrong step to put yourself in grave danger,” said Mr Dornau.

“We strongly urge everyone to call in the professionals for jobs like this. It’s not worth risking your safety, especially considering the extreme weather we have been experiencing across the state.”

It was a job well done by the Woodend Fire Brigade.

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