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Yarram Group honours members

  • Group members' dinner
  • Warren Curry, Peter & Lyn Blackshaw, Peter Barr. Mark Potter
  • Jim Christeson, Mark Potter
  • Peter and Lyn Blackshaw
  • Peter Barr, Jim Christeson, Bruce Finlay, Bryan Walpole, Lyn and Peter Blackshaw, Mark Potter

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Events / Fundraising / Offers, Honours & Awards

  9.18 AM 31 December, 2013

Location: District 10 News

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At a dinner held at Yarram Club Hotel, attended by more than 65 people, Yarram Group of brigades finally caught up with some very important members to honour them with richly-deserved recognition of their many years of service to the Yarram and district community.

By Mark Doyle

The Group was fortunate to obtain the service of Regional Director Mark Potter and Operations Officer Peter Barr (standing in for Operations Manager Daryll Hunter) to officiate in presentation of these awards.

Deputy Group Officer Bryan Walpole, Jim Christison and Bruce Findlay were presented with framed certificates of appreciation for giving up their time to perform long and valuable service toward the safety of the members and assets of the community over many years by filling positions of responsibility in their brigades and other group duties. 

Peter and Lyn Blackshaw, well-known identities in the town, were awarded the very highest accolade available to CFA members. In presenting the Life Membership medals to Lyn and Peter, Mark Potter told of the many roles Peter, supported by Lyn, carried out for the group and Yarram brigade. 

The long and often arduous work of both Lyn and Peter as communications officers in the vital field of radio communications for the whole group was outstanding, and their shifts in the radio room during emergencies were often of very long duration, giving the crews on the fire line accurate and timely information and relaying their messages back to headquarters.

Mark Potter gave members an interesting explanation of the meaning of various features of the medals, all of which allude to the dedication and service all CFA volunteer firefighters freely give to the community.

The evening was enhanced by the good fellowship of the CFA members and partners who were served a delicious meal by the hotel staff, and background mood music was provided by two local musicians David Graham (double bass) and John Northmore (acoustic guitar).

Last Updated: 31 December 2013