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Yarrambat Primary School - Pre Plan Test

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By: Robert Bury

Category: Operational Information, Planning & Research

  11.51 AM 27 January, 2018

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Pre Plans are an important Brigade responsibility often they are well written detailed information of what should happen if the situation arose.

Unfortunately these plans are first put to the test when there is a going job more often than not in the dark of night.

Operations Officer Gavin Wright took the initiative to facilitate a major test of Yarrambat Fire Brigades  Pre-plan for the Yarrambat Primary School.

Brigades that would be respond were invited to attend.

The scenario involved class rooms on fire at the rear of the school.

There is a boost point on site attached to a ring main with a number of single head hydrants in cabinets around the school.   

Part of the validation of the Pre plans was a test to find out how much assistance the fire service would need to achieve  delivery of 2000 lpm 

OO Gavin Wright was assisted by OO David Maxwell & SO Glen Bosua in command and control roles that encompassed a large area with a diverse range of appliances.

Attack line were set up around the school by members from Yarrambat Fire Brigade attached to the millcocks that formed part of the ring main to determine the capability to deliver water to the scene of the fire.

South Morang Pumper set up on the Boost Point to see how effective boosting the ring main was.

Diamond Creek Pumper was connected to a standpipe to boost the supply via a 5 length Twin 64 forward hose lay set up by Doreen Pumper Tanker.

The forward House Lay was connected to Plenty Pumper Tanker that boosted the flow to South Morang Pumper.

With the aid of inline pressure gauges it was possible to determine the volume of water being delivered around the site

Calculations and measurements of pressure and flow were recorded at the various stages of the exercise.

Participants from previous Pumps & HydraulicsCourse attended to get a better understanding of what may be required to deliver large volumes of water under the guidance of Station Officer Glen Bosua.

It was determined at the after action debriefing that it was a very worthwhile exercise that will no doubt be repeated across the Whittlesea Diamond Valley Group at other locations helping brigades test their pre plans.

Appliances involved 

Yarrambat Tankers 1

Yarrambat Tankers 2

Yarrambat FCV

Plenty Pumper Tanker

Doreen Pumper Tanker

Diamond Creek Pumper

Diamond Creek Big Fill

South Morang Pumper

South Morang Tanker


Last Updated: 02 February 2018