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Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week

By: CFA Partnerships and Marketing

Category: Community Safety

  6.06 PM 4 May, 2015

Location: General

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This week is Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week, a campaign aimed at promoting initiatives that will bring about improved road safety, as well as support for those affected by road tragedy.

This campaign is run by the Sarah Group (Safer Australian Roads and Highways) which encourages people to make a pledge to road safety by tying a yellow ribbon on their vehicle aerial. CFA members from district 8, 13 and 14 are showing their support and solidarity for this road safety campaign by tying a yellow ribbon on their cars and trucks raising awareness amongst their local community.

With 1,200 Australians killed or 30,000 seriously injured as a result of vehicle crashes each year, there is no doubt that promoting strategies that increase awareness as well as foster solidarity with victims and their loved ones, can substantially improve road safety outcomes.

As well as yellow ribbons being used to raise awareness for this campaign, there will also be some infrastructure lit up such as the Bolte Bridge, which will have its decorative lights changed to yellow in support of Road Safety Week and key messages will be displayed on roadside message boards and via social media channels #drivesootherssurvive #drivesos

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Last Updated: 04 May 2015