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Youth Advance adventure at Ocean Grove

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  • Youth Advance Ocean Grove

By: Su Tayler

Category: Youth & Juniors

  3.21 PM 9 October, 2014

Location: District 7 News

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Year 8 students from Bellarine Secondary College Ocean Grove Campus ventured out of school to Ocean Grove brigade as part of the Youth Advance school-based program.

Youth Advance gives young people the opportunity to develop personal, social and physical skills through challenging, fun activities.  

“The students gain some great skills and an insight into CFA. The program is a part of the brigade’s community education role and has been running over a number of years,” said Officer in Charge Ian Beswicke

Lots of Laughter at Youth Advance by Su Tayler

The program fosters team work, communication and much laughter for all involved!

Entering a darkened room filled with smoke can be daunting for firefighters but add blackened goggles, a fire (fake, of course) and a couple of lost people to the mix and you get a lot of laughter. Hang on, that doesn’t sound right. But it was fun. It was a great learning experience for our students and, yes, there was a lot of laughing. 

The Bellarine students did a terrific job, rescuing Youth Advance Leader and Volunteer Firefighter Lee Bickley, getting him out of danger. Lee was a good actor and sport, being dragged out numerous times ... at one stage I even got worried and had to ask him he if was okay. 

Later, we scanned the room with the thermal imaging camera and all agreed this would have made it much easier even though it was still a difficult job in reality.   

A visit to Geelong Fire Station was a highlight for me. Just after we arrived, the pagers went off and the career firefighters were off. We were left watching through windows as the trucks rolled out with sirens blaring. We listened to the radio messages to find out what was happening. 

Fortunately for me, they were soon back. There was plenty to look at in the history cabinets and I talked about being a volunteer firefighter while we waited. There was still time for a look over the rescue truck, see the ladder platform extended and for the obligatory photo.

Being involved with Youth Advance has given me opportunities and practice too, in pumping, radio and other fire fighting skills; as well as meeting and communicating with 20 or so very excited teens. 

Each week students have been writing stories on their experience...

Youth Advance Program goes bowling by Chelsea

On Wednesday the 11 June, we went down to Ocean Grove CFA for the second time. It was first a quick five-minute walk. We were welcomed with a small introduction, from Lee. The 20 of us were put into teams of four or five, and once the teams were organised we went out to the ground to see that Lee had set up some cones, but for what reason l asked myself.

We had a small challenge which everyone in our team(s) had to have a go at. We were given a hose which we had to bowl out; they called this bowling. Lee showed us how to bowl the hose out, but we had to have caution because of the metal plugs on both ends of the hose, making sure we didn’t hit ourselves or others. Everyone in our team had to have a go at bowling the hose. The aim was to get it in between the cones in the shape of a triangle. Quite a lot of us either dropped it or it didn’t go straight.

Once we had some time to practice, it was time for a small competition. First teams 1 and 2. The other teams were cheering them on lots of talk and team work was a great sight to see, but in the end team 2 won. Next were teams 3 and 4. Team 3 won, we were so happy to have won. Now the competition of the century, team 2 against team 3. It was a race against time. Roll the hose out into the cones, roll it up next person rolls it into the other cones and then roll it up. Once you had rolled it up you had to go back to the start and place them down. Everyone was screaming and cheering. The teams were sweating, trying our best to get the prize. It was all talk and go. Finally, our hoses were rolled up and all we had to do was carry it down to its rightful partner. We ran down as fast as we could. Some of it came undone, but we fixed it and everyone waited to see who had won.

We were waiting with anticipation and the winner was…TEAM 3. We screamed and jumped for joy. We were so excited to have won. The prize was a bar of chocolate, not just a little one. A nice bar of chocolate. There was Twix, Cherry Ripe and many more types. It was a great win, but most of us shared our prizes with our friends and team mates. After all the excitement, we walked our way to our buses with a smile on our face and a twinkle in our eyes. What an amazing day. 

Youth Advance Crew Get To Observe Emergency Response by Amatullah

On Friday 27 June, everyone in the Youth Advance group from Bellarine Secondary College once again went over to Ocean Grove CFA station. There we learnt about the breathing apparatus needed to be able to breathe properly when there is a lot of smoke and chemicals in the air that the fire has given off. While Lee (the fireman informing us about the apparatus) was explaining these things, a call came in from Barwon Heads informing the firemen that there was a fire. So the firemen took off and were out of the station dressed and ready in less than 90 seconds which was really impressive. Lee then told us that the firemen had 90 seconds to get ready and go but the volunteers had 4 minutes to get to the station, get ready and go help the firemen already at the scene. When they came back from Barwon Heads we all went and looked at the fire truck's equipment. We then went back inside and watched some YouTube videos on how quickly a fire can spread when given oxygen. We all then walked back to school and broke up for recess.

Youth Advance learn to read maps by Lydia

This week at Youth Advance we went to Ocean Grove CFA and started to learn how to read maps. Lee, our instructor, taught us how to figure out the six-figure references on a map. In a couple of lessons we are going to be leading firemen to a specific place on a map and we will have to lead them there by using a map!

Lee gave us a test of our mapping skills by asking someone in our group which street they live in, and we then had to try and find that location as fast as we could. Everyone did a great job and it was very interesting learning how to read the maps because it is a useful skill to have.

Youth Advance navigating! by Eilish

A few weeks ago we did an orienteering task using our radio and mapping skills which we had been learning in the weeks beforehand. While we stayed in the station, two people went out in a support vehicle and had to follow the directions which we were sharing over the radio. We were given a map with start and end coordinates and had to work out how to get from one point to another without using street names.

Although the first few groups (including mine!) got the vehicle lost, we ended up working it out and ended up at Subway for lunch. Big thanks to Mrs Linford and Lee for organising this fun activity!


Last Updated: 09 October 2014