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Zebulon has his wish granted

  • Firefighter Jamie ready to help
  • I wish to bath with a bear
  • Making the wish come true
  • Ready to squirt the water
  • Squirting the hose with Firefighter Andy
  • Zeb and Fairy Sharon
  • Zeb drives the fire truck

By: Jo Loeschenkohl

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  5.53 PM 1 December, 2016

Location: District 27 News

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Career Firefighters at Traralgon with the help of Make-A-Wish Gippsland Branch were able to make 5 year old Zeb’s wish come true on a sunny Thursday afternoon. 

‘A’ Shift were humbled to be able to bring the trucks along to Kinder for him and his friends to see just what firefighting is all about, and have a good look at all the equipment that a ‘pumper’ and ‘ladder platform’ carries. Firefighter Jamie was able to give Zeb his own firefighting bear to help him on his way to find his wish ‘To have a bath with a bear’

Zeb was able to use the hose to squirt the water with firefighter Andy, and then the firefighters needed to respond to a real emergency. The children were able to watch as firefighter Luke quickly packed up the truck and firefighter Andy put on his personal protective clothing (special firefighting clothes), and then the truck hurried off lights flashing and siren on.

Once back inside Fairy Sharon was able to finish granting Zeb’s wish with a little magic and lots of help from Zeb’s friends. Zeb and his family will head away on holiday ‘To bath with a bear’ very soon. Zeb wanted to camp at the zoo with the bear and giraffe after seeing Jamala Wildlife Lodge on TV with photos of a big bath and a bear!

Zeb has had a long road to be able to get to kinder and is excited about starting prep next year, a journey that Mum Catherine puts a brave face on for. Zebulon was diagnosed with biliary atresia at 10 weeks of age a condition that affects 1 in 20,000 babies. He underwent a kasai procedure at 10 weeks of age and spent the next 3.5 years in and out of hospital with health related problems. 2 years ago he received his liver transplant.

We wish Zeb and his family all the best for his bright future and hope to see his smiling face pop into the fire station soon.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017