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Zero tolerance for illegal fireworks

By: Chanel Forbes

Category: Community Safety

  1.48 PM 5 January, 2016

Location: District 14 News

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Illegal fireworks continue to be an unnecessary burden on emergency services as crews attended to a number of incidents on New Year’s Eve despite, being a day of Total Fire Ban.

After approximately 9.30pm on New Year’s Eve, almost 50 per cent of incidents attended by emergency services were due to illegal fireworks, with one resulting in a two-hectare grassfire.

Emergency services are commended for their tireless efforts over the holiday period. They sacrifice enjoying time off with family and friends to respond to incidents caused by negligence.

With Australia Day coming up, CFA Operations Manager Trevor Roberts is urging the community to make sensible choices.

“We are still very much in a period of high fire risk, with Total Fire Ban days being declared as early as October. Our crews have a long fire season ahead of them still and everyone is urged to do their bit to reduce endangering others or fatiguing firefighters.

CFA will be taking a zero tolerance approach to lighting fires in the open air (including fireworks) during the Fire Danger Period. Offenders could be subject to 120 penalty units (approximately $151.67 per unit) and potential imprisonment of up to 12 months.”

The community is urged to take note of the restrictions during the Fire Danger Period, make sensible choices and consult the Can I or Can’t I? document on the CFA website for further information.

Last Updated: 23 March 2016