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2018 Australasian Police & Emergency Services Games, WA

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Welcome home to CFA competitors who attended the APES Games in Mandurah, WA.

2018 Australasian Police & Emergency Services Games, WA

Opening Ceremony

The 22 CFA competitors represented themselves, CFA and Victoria in nine sports. The games attracted 3,341 competitors from around Australia and the Pacific region, including about 350 Victorians. 

The opening ceremony for the games was led by police horses followed by a fire truck with a sea of blue Victorians in the middle. It highlighted the importance of the Games with regards to the camaraderie between emergency servcies, self discipline and enjoying your sport. 

Each night members returned to the marquee to meet and have a chat with other competitors. Tuesday 30 October was the Victorian night where most of the Victorian competitors met at the Brighton Hotel and had a great night. Congratulations to the games team on such a well run and friendly Games. Hospitality of Mandurah people was also a highlight of the games. 

 A full report on CFA success at the Games will be published when the results have been compiled. 

Well done to all who attended.

Brian Neal, CFA Representative for 2018 APESG