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Board communique

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The CFA Board met on 19 April 2017 for a half-day meeting followed by a Strategic Planning session.

Safety Share

The Board now includes a Safety Share as a standing agenda item, and Board member Pam White provided the safety share at this meeting.

Inspector-General for Emergency Management

The Board was delighted that Mr Tony Pearce, Inspector -General for Emergency Management, was able to join the meeting.

Mr Pearce noted his professional involvement in emergency management services over many years.

Mr Pearce then outlined the role and functions of his office, noting its independence from the Department of Justice and Regulation and Emergency Management Victoria. He noted IGEM’s role in fostering continuous improvement, monitoring performance and implementation of recommendations relevant to the sector, and undertaking reviews.  

Mr Pearce noted a number of reviews currently planned and underway, including reviews of governance of the emergency services sector; thunderstorm-related asthma; fitness for duty; and community and sector preparedness.

Joint Agency Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program

The Executive Director Infrastructure Services and the Executive Manager ICT Services, joined the meeting to discuss the Joint Agency Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program. The Board approved the participation of CFA in the ERP Program, subject to funding being provided by Government.

Impact of NBN

The Board also discussed the implications for CFA brigades of the roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN), particularly as it related to CFA’s communications and alert systems that are reliant on the phone network.

Property documents governance

As part of its ongoing focus on improving governance, the Board reviewed the process for receiving reports on property documents executed under delegation.

The Board considered the report from the Chief Executive Officer, noting in particular the excellent efforts of CFA members in raising $1.7 million for the Good Friday Appeal, and that two firefighters injured while attending a fire in Sale were recovering well.

Chief Officer’s Report

The Board welcomed Chief Officer Warrington to the meeting to talk about the Chief Officer’s report, and congratulated him warmly on his appointment. The Chief Officer highlighted a range of operational issues currently underway, and reported to the Board on morale and diversity and inclusion across the organisation.