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Board Update: January 2017

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The CFA Board held its monthly meeting on Monday 23 January.

This communique is to provide all staff and volunteers and the broader community with an update on the work of the Board and will be issued after each meeting.

CFA Child Safety Implementation Plan

The Board endorsed the CFA Child Safety Implementation Plan.

The Board acknowledged the importance of ensuring CFA is compliant and adhering to its responsibilities as a child safe organisation. The Board noted strong leadership and accountability would be integral to implementing the draft Child Safety Plan.

The Board noted efforts already undertaken, including the creation of a CFA Child Safety Officer.

Mid-Year Budget Review

The Board approved the revised budget for 2016-17 as part of the Mid-Year Budget review.

The Board acknowledged efforts across the organisation to operate efficiently and identify savings and progress new investments.

The Board noted the position of the Mid-Year Budget review would be submitted to the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Establishment of a Remuneration Committee

The Board approved the establishment of a Remuneration Committee. The Board approved the proposed Terms of Reference for the Remuneration Committee. 

The Board noted the Committee would have accountability for executive remuneration, including performance and monitoring arrangements.

The Board noted the Committee would ensure CFA compliance with legislation around Government Remuneration Policy.

Honours, Awards and Remembrance Board Committee

The Board endorsed the establishment of an Honours, Awards and Remembrance Board Committee and approved the draft Terms of Reference for the Committee.

The Board reviewed and approved nominations for the Australian Fire Service Medal to be submitted to Emergency Management Victoria

The Board also reviewed and approved nominations for the CFA Outstanding Service Medal.

CFA Performance and Policy Consultative Committee

The Board was briefed on operation of the CFA Performance and Policy Committee Consultative Committee.

The Board endorsed a framework for consultation between the Board and the Committee to support co-operation and transparency.