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Busy weekend for Victorian firefighters

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Firefighters continue to battle blazes in various parts of the state after an extremely busy weekend. 

Busy weekend for Victorian firefighters

Firefighters worked day and night to suppress the fire at Hepburn, which is now under control.

CFA and other emergency services personnel worked tirelessly to contain fires that threatened communities at Hepburn, Grantville, and across Gippsland.

Lightning is suspected as the cause for a bush and grass fire that started on Saturday evening at Elevated Plains, near Hepburn. Residents were told to evacuate, as the fire travelled in a southerly direction towards the town. Firefighters worked day and night to suppress the fire, which is now under control. Approximately 600 residents attended a community meeting at Daylesford Town Hall on Sunday evening.

Firefighters are continuing to strengthen containment lines for a fire at Grantville, in Victoria’s south-east. The fire remains within the Grantville nature reserve, with Bass Highway open one lane each way and speed reduced to 40kph.

In the East part of the state, crews were drawn to blazes at Walhalla, Timbarra, Tangil, Thomson catchment complex. Lightning is again the suspected cause of Walhalla’s fire, where a historic cottage property was lost.  A community meeting has been scheduled for 7pm tonight at Heyfield Football Club for this fire, which overran two fires that began at Cooper Creek.


Stay up-to-date with emergency information:

  • Be prepared for the summer and make sure you’re connected to all emergency sources:
  • Tune in to ABC local radio, commercial and designated radio stations or Sky News TV.
  • Download the VicEmergency app - allow push notifications for warnings, Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans.
  • Add to your favourites list on your internet browser.
  • Enter the VicEmergency Hotline 1800 226 226 into your phone contacts.
  • Connect with VicEmergency or CFA Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • For the latest information on park conditions and closures, visit

Photos of Hepburn fire by Keith Pakenham AFSM, Peter Teague, Taradale Fire Brigade, and Newstead Fire Brigade

  • /documents/218284/3101499/Hep1+%281%29.jpg/4ce1d912-da02-81de-e7f8-e75f0d618016?t=1549258181021
  • /documents/218284/3101499/Hep3.jpg/81d50b1a-de43-0c4d-bbb9-8c33403396f0?t=1549258189561
  • /documents/218284/3101499/Hep4.jpg/f72e24e0-6a13-ab46-03c3-618b6fc1845b?t=1549258201949
  • /documents/218284/3101499/Hep5.jpg/4d2a405b-45c7-c05c-8af2-170fa7ca4759?t=1549258211438
  • /documents/218284/3101499/Hep7.jpg/ed54e2db-4e47-ee99-fc56-a0506de3bad0?t=1549258220976
  • /documents/218284/3101499/Hep6.jpg/7be39f40-da8c-889f-20f5-b499dcf0fb62?t=1549258229195

Photos of Grantville fire courtesy Coldstream, Pakenham, Montrose, Bunyip, Koo Wee Rup, South Warrandyte, Corinella, Lilydale, and Macclesfield fire brigades. 

  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+fire+2+feb+pakenham+fb+-+3+%281%29.jpg/6fa335d9-7929-4c75-cb63-c34affb578f8?t=1549322033936
  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+fire+2+feb+pakenham+fb+-+2.jpg/31bb947b-05da-9d4b-a442-a27a60beea6b?t=1549322043192
  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+fire+feb+3+bunyip+fb+-+possum.jpg/e6a58ba6-e1dc-e73c-e6d2-13f5f114ac17?t=1549322054697
  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+fire+feb+3+koo+wee+rup+fb.jpg/3717b558-f424-5f8d-df1d-e69e746909c1?t=1549322062326
  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+fire+feb+4+south+warrandyte+cfa.jpg/eeb67cc7-a2fd-b556-62a9-c9f0ced38d13?t=1549322072176
  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+fire+feb+3+corinella+fb.jpg/5c878fc4-d233-c077-1dec-9ec3c30a103c?t=1549322080552
  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+2+feb+macclesfield+fb.jpg/b846a00b-2bc4-4340-6742-d1f05e9620b6?t=1549322088835
  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+1+feb+lilydale+cfa.jpg/cd3269b4-ed6e-742a-cf64-b79c7f817ba1?t=1549322097824
  • /documents/218284/3090989/grantville+2+feb+coldstream+cfa+2.jpg/72251360-be9f-8149-ee02-44c3c4ddbc2f?t=1549322106640