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Career firefighting applications to open

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The Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) are again joining forces to recruit the best people to become career firefighters.

Career firefighting applications to open

Applications open at midday on 8 February.

Applications will open at 12pm (midday) on Friday 8 February and candidates will have the choice to apply to become a firefighter with either organisation. 

This round of applications will close on Friday 15 February 2019. The first 1800 applications received will be considered for the July 2019 recruit courses, with all applications after this in consideration for recruit courses in 2020.

Chief Officer Steve Warrington said CFA is committed to embracing and encouraging gender and cultural diversity among our firefighters across Victoria.

"A diverse and inclusive workplace brings out the best in our people and helps us to provide a better service to our communities, he said.

"What’s just as important is that our people have the right attributes to work effectively in a team environment and with a genuine desire to make a difference amongst their communities.

“I encourage any of our staff and volunteers considering firefighting as a career to submit an application. Or if you have a friend or family member who has thought about it, let them know they have a week to get their applications in."

This latest joint recruitment campaign is critical in the continued preparation and training of the next generation of career firefighters to meet the growing needs of Victorians.

Today’s firefighters are skilled and professionally trained to respond to a diverse range of emergency situations. No one day is the same and it is this variety, among many other advantages, that makes firefighting a rewarding and desirable career choice.

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