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CFA Board Communique

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The CFA Board had an extensive agenda for its regular monthly meeting on 19 June 2017.

Safety Share

As organisational practice, the Board began with a safety share from Chair, Mr Greg Smith AM on the approach being taken to mental health and wellbeing by Ambulance Victoria. 

Committee Reports

As a result of the Committees’ significant work programs, the Chairs’ tabled a number of important items to the Board for approval.

The Board approved the 2017/18 CFA Budget, noting its appreciation for the hard work that led to it being able to approve the CFA Budget before the start of the financial year..

The Board considered and approved a new Enterprise Risk Management Framework and Risk Management Policy for CFA.  The Board will be holding a workshop with CFA Executive in July to explore further the risk profile for the organisation.

The Board considered and approved the internal Audit Charter and Audit Plan for 2017/18.

The Board considered and approved the 2017/18 CFA Plan.

The Board noted that independent consultants Deloittes will meet with Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) to discuss its findings in relation to current funding arrangements.

The Board approved the CFA Policy Framework that streamlines existing policies into 13 strategic policies and 45 subordinate policies. Board Committees will review the policies for possible amendment and key stakeholders will be consulted on potential changes.

CFA General Counsel briefed the Board on the implications of Climate Change legislation for Board members.

Brigade amalgamation

The Board was pleased to approve the amalgamation of the Tahara and Tahara West Brigades and noted its appreciation of the comprehensive briefing that had been provided to support its consideration of the matter.

CEO Report

The Chief Executive Officer provided a report to the Board on key issues, noting that:

  • There had been an overwhelming response to the Enhancing Volunteerism Forum on 14-15 June, with over 160 participants attending;
  • The Performance and Policy Consultative Committee will be meeting on 26 June to consider a draft discussion paper;
  • The proposed PTA Staff Agreement was with the Fair Work Commission for review.

PTA Agreement
Whilst waiting for Fair Work Commission certification of the PTA Agreement, which at the time of the meeting was expected to happen soon, the Board approved the first pay instalment in recognition of the special and unique circumstances.

Financial Report

The Chief Financial Officer reported to the Board and was congratulated on the significant improvement in CFA’s financial position compared to 12 months ago.

CO Report

In his report, Chief Officer Steve Warrington highlighted the implementation of CFA’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The Board was pleased to congratulate Steve on receiving the Australian Fire Services Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours and noted that the Chair of the Board had written to congratulate other CFA recipients of awards.