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CFA celebrates the launch of Fired Up! English

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Well over 600 students from Chisholm Institute in Melbourne’s south-east attended the launch of Fired Up! English, a series of workshops aimed at educating  migrants learning English about Victoria’s emergency services.

CFA celebrates the launch of Fired Up! English

CFA has been working with Chisholm for the past twelve months to develop the educational tools to not only help the students improve their English but educate them about the important work our emergency services do. CFA was also joined by the Australian Federal Police, Victorian Police and SES. 

CFA Manager for Community Safety Jude Kennedy said the program was about providing practical English lessons that will help the students while living in Australia.

"The students loved the interactive learning experience today provided. 

“We’ve found a lot of students come from countries where these types of services don’t exist. Through this program not only are we teaching valuable lessons on fire safety, but building the relationship with these communities and emergency services so any kind of preexisting fears and walls are broken." 

To find out more about the program  watch the video below or read here:

Nada El-Masri Multicultural Liaison Officer and Jude Kennedy Manager for Community Safety