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CFA HQ can help you recruit

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Wonthaggi Fire Brigade recently carried out a recruitment campaign to help solve its problem of not meeting the service delivery standard for daytime turnouts. 

But brigade members took the humble letterbox drop to the next level by enlisting the help of CFA’s Business Intelligence team.

CFA HQ can help you recruit

Brigade Administrative Support Officer Peter Walters said that since moving into their new station a few years ago, after outgrowing their former location in the heart of town, brigade members have struggled to make it on the truck at times.

“I reached out to Business Intelligence with the specific request of mapping homes and businesses within a two-minute distance from the station,” said Peter.

Business Intelligence used the Road Modelling System to produce a map of the homes within two minutes of the station, which the brigade then used to target homes and businesses with a letterbox drop.

“The letterbox drop was a great success because we could really target our efforts,” said Peter.

“Following the recruitment campaign, which incorporated the letterbox drop, social media and information boards, we’ve had seven people sign up as volunteers and six of those are within the two-minute catchment area.” 

The photos show some of the new members training.

“I would definitely suggest other brigades get in touch with Business Intelligence. It’s good for targeting those communities around your station to improve response to incidents.”

Spatial Modelling and Analysis Team Leader Jess Ngo said she was extremely pleased to hear the data was able to produce such a positive outcome for the brigade.

“This is a simple task for our team to do,” Jess said. 

“We’re currently providing the same service to other brigades across the state, and look forward to hearing what results are achieved.

“If this is something your brigade is interested in, we encourage you to contact your BASO, who will be able to raise the request with us.”