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CFA issues warning over recalled air conditioning unit

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CFA is warning Victorians of certain models of the Braemar Outdoor Air Conditioner and the potential fire risk they pose.

CFA issues warning over recalled air conditioning unit

Product recall.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has issued a product recall for the “Seeley International Pty Ltd — Braemar SCHF21C3S and Braemar SCHF25C3S Outdoor Air Conditioner Units” due to the fire risk.

CFA State Fire Investigation Coordinator Nicole Harvey says with the hot weather Victorians affected need to act immediately.

“We at CFA are acutely aware that when it’s hot, you’re going to want to use your air conditioner, people with these air conditioner units need to be aware that their desire to cool down may put their lives and the lives of the ones they love at risk.”

The recall of these air conditioner units are a timely reminder for all Victorians to service their units and evaporative coolers to ensure effective operation and prevention of possible fires.

“You need to maintain your air conditioners and evaporative coolers by ensuring t the units are regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications,” Nicole said.

“It’s going to be hot across Victoria over the next few days meaning more of us are going to be cooling their homes, we simply want you to do it safely so our firefighters don’t have to pay you a visit.”

“People cooling their homes with these types of units should make sure they check the latest Product Safety Recalls online to ensure their system is safe.”

“If there is a recall notice for your unit, the website has instructions on what needs to be done to rework the system to make it safe.”

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